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Number Snail Puzzle

Number Snail Puzzle


Don't dismiss the humble snail: this small and slimy critter is actually quite talented! Snails can survive in some of the most inhospitable places in the world, including the perpetually-dark abyssal zone of the ocean. Some snails with lungs live underwater, and some snails with gills live on land. Snails have a real gift for survival.


But the Begin Again Number Snail puzzle is the most talented snail of all: this colorful, friendly fellow can teach your child how to count! This cleverly-designed wooden puzzle places the numbers in order on the pieces that compose the snail, starting with #1 on the snail's head and following the numbers through the spiral of the snail's shell. Assembling the Number Snail Wood Puzzle also helps little kids improve their fine motor skills and color recognition, and they're so proud when they solve the puzzle for the first time!


The Begin Again Number Snail Wood Puzzle is just one of many clever eco-friendly toys from Begin Again, a manufacturer dedicated to creating toys that stimulate learning and creativity while being kind to the earth. The Number Snail puzzle is made with plantation-grown rubberwood and packaged in sustainable beech, and other Begin Again toys are made from natural fibers, natural rubber, innovative eco-plastics, and more. We're excited to offer products that help you teach your child to respect the environment - and that look this cool on the shelf, too! For ages 3 and up.


Puzzle measures 5" x 6" x 1"

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