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Lalaboom Pull Along Duck & Beads

Lalaboom Pull Along Duck & Beads


A novel twist on a classic toy! Contains 3 wagons and 3 large beads ( 5cm diameter).

The set features a number of adaptable components designed to be introduced gradually as your child develops between the ages of 18 and 48 months. Clip, screw, mix and tie the pieces together to make unique structures!

The cute characters will help your child come up with all sorts of stories, firing their imagination and creative instincts.


Each wagon is an educational tool in its own right. Children can push them around the floor, or use them as rattles. The wagons and beads are compatible with each other, giving your child countless ways to play. They can discover them one by one as they get older, until they’re ready to start pushing and pulling the duck around the floor and loading up the wagons with beads and their favourite Lalaboom characters.


  • From 18 months onwards, children begin to attach the different parts to each other by clipping, pushing or screwing them together, developing their motor skills. Once they have learned how to put the pieces together, they can start pulling their creations across the floor.
  • From 24 months onwards, your child starts to move around more easily and take the toy with them, developing the full range of motor skills.
  • From 36 months onwards, The Lalaboom beads and wagons give children the tools they need to complete an endless variety of construction projects – they’ll never tire of exploring the possibilities!


Watch me develop my motor skills, logical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity with Lalaboom!

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