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Wonderland 2019 Annual Ornament from Danforth Pewter

Wonderland 2019 Annual Ornament from Danforth Pewter


The 2019 Annual Ornament is a scene of wintery friends in the woods framed by two white birch trees. A Swarovski blue crystal hangs above the snowy tree like a shimmering star. The ornament is tied with a green satin ribbon. Personalize this ornament with a name or date on the back. The back has the Danforth touchmark, along with "2019". 

Designing "Wonderland" I wanted to express the feeling of peace and wonder I find being out in the woods in winter. As characters for this "story in one frame" I chose woodland animals because they naturally inspire a sense of wonder in me. I think this is why so many childhood stories are populated by animals and their adventures. Their little gathering at the snowy tree in the woods also illustrates the idea of that the holidays are a time of gathering. The crystal bead is an exploration of adding color to a design in a way that also adds the dimension of movement. It is like another "character" in this story - it suggests the crisp shimmer of a winter sky as it also suggests the ornaments we adorn our trees with in the holidays. - Tim Copeland, Lead Designer

Measures 2 1/2" tall.

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