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Lalaboom 3 in 1 Splash Ball

Lalaboom 3 in 1 Splash Ball


A bath game that’s out of the ordinary! The Splash Ball is an all-in-one toy designed for multiple different activities. The holes in the bottom allow bathwater to flow through it, and it can also be decorated using Lalaboom educational beads. As if that weren’t enough, you can also turn it into a bucket, perfect for the garden or trips to the beach!


  • From 12 months onwards, your child will start to discover LALABOOM educational beads and how water flows along their central channels.
  • From 18 months onwards, kids can start using the beads to decorate the ball and create their own channels for water to flow through.
  • From 24 months onwards, kids can try unscrewing the top and using the suction cups underneath to attach the ball to the ground. This gives the toy a completely new shape and opens up new ways to play!
  • From 36 months onwards, your child will be able to lift up the ball and watch in wonder as the water flows out through the holes.


With so many options, you’ll never be bored with this toy!

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