Java Body Serum

Java Body Serum

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Our original Body Serum has always been the favorite Serum in our product line. It was time to update our most popular product to an eco-friendly container. After much thought, we decided to discontinue the heavier Double-Shot Serum and replace the brown plastic bottle of our signature serum with the glass D-S bottles. 

Java Body Serum’s signature organic raw coffee argan oil infusion contains caffeine and antioxidants – perfect for improving the look of your skin. Smooth over damp skin to create a barrier to keep your skin feeling moisturized all day without any oily residue. Great for all skin types.

Why We Love It

  • quick absorbing formula using dry oils makes moisturizing easy
  • product drinks into skin without leaving a greasy residue and lasts all day
  • helps prevent premature signs of aging while brightening and softening skin
  • evens skin tone, smooths skin irritation, great for sensitive skin 

Pro Tip

We love a hard-working and versatile product! You won’t find one that can do more than our sweet-smelling serum. It’s great for all skin types and can be used on body, hands, face and hair: oil wash your face; deep smoothing treatment on wet hair; great on freshly shaved legs; remove makeup; moisturize lips;  smooth down fly-away hair; cuticle softener; prevent razor-bumps on freshly shaved skin (yes, this works on men’s faces too); makes tattoos pop; and more…. And did we mention that one bottle will last you AT LEAST two months if you use it all over your body everyday?