I Love You Bracelet

I Love You Bracelet


Off the coast of Massachusetts, sits Minots Ledge Light. Local lore has it that it's flashing light sequence of 1 ° 4 ° 3 signals I Love You. Our sequence of 1 ° 4 ° 3 silver filled beads nestled between beautiful Toho Japanese glass beads is a romantic reminder to lovers everywhere. 


Hand strung on elastic cord in our workroom. One size. 


I Love You Bracelets come packaged on a card detailing the 1 ° 4 ° 3 story.


To avoid overstretching your elastic, roll your bracelets on and off, rather than stretching them over your hand.


To prolong the life of your bracelets, avoid wearing them in the pool or ocean and limit exposure to lotions and soaps that can weaken your elastic over time. Should the worst happen, email us and we'll restring for you!